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Important Factors That Determines the Value of your Real Estate Property

Important Factors That Determines the Value of your Connecticut Real Estate Property

When you are investing in a real estate business, you are doing it to earn profits. With fluctuations in the market, it could turn out to be a distant dream. You never know when the prices will plummet or exponentially increase. The best thing you can do is to take measures to control those factors that will determine the value of your property. Consider the following before buying a real estate property or investing in real estate business.


Yes, your neighborhood can influence your real estate property. If you are investing in a real estate where adjoining houses are well furnished then it will considerably help add value to your investment. Furthermore, it can also determine the types of tenant that you will get. For instance, if you real estate property is in a posh area, then you might see many affluent people opting to rent your house.

Crime Rates

If your property is located in an area where the crime rates are a bit high, you will have a hard time finding your next tenant because people are quite reluctant in renting property in crime infested regions. Before buying any property it is important that you first get up to date crime reports of the area.


There are many examples of real estate property that increase in value just because cinemas, gyms, parks, bus stops, hospitals, schools and shopping malls are all located nearby. People like to live in homes and apartments where they can get easy access to facilities. They are even ready to pay a higher price for living near developed areas, compared to living in the suburbs. So, if you have a house near a good location then you can ask for good rent as well. 

Size and Layout

Another important factor that determines your property’s value is its size. A large property will help you earn more profits than a small sized home. People with large families that are looking to rent are usually never reluctant in paying high rents for living in a big home.  Plus, your home’s layout and furnishing can also increase its value. If you have a wonderfully renovated kitchen or spacious bathroom, then you can expect a lot of calls from interested parties. Similarly, larger bedrooms can also add value to your real estate property. 

So, these are some of the most important elements that can, to a large extent, determine where your property stands in terms of value. As a real estate professional Amir Sibboni can help with evaluating your property for sale or purchase. Contact Amir Sibboni today.

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